Fluorescence Light Sources



The Prior Scientific Lumen 200/220 Fluorescence Illumination System utilizes a 2000 hour, 200 watt metal arc lamp with 2 or 3 meter light guide, stabilized DC power supply for consistent illumination, and operates quietly for laboratory use. Removing the light source from the microscope eliminates heat transfer, thus minimizing thermal drift and aiding image stability in long term experiments. The 220 model offers extended UV and IR excitation wavelengths, providing brighter light for fluorophores like DAPI and CY5. Prices for the Lumen 200 begin at $4400, and for the Lumen 220 $4900 (both including light guide, microscope adapters and a bulb).

The Prior Scientific LumenLED Illuminator offers up to 4 LEDs with 10,000+ lifetimes, precise intensity control in 1% increments, and adapters to fit all the major microscope manufacturers. LEDs have many advantages over conventional illumination systems, and the Prior LumenLED goes even further with the introduction of new functionality which brings the technology into mainstream fluorescence microscopy.

The LumenLED is a modular system based around a two position or four position LED combiner. Prices begin at $8100 for the 2 LED model, $14K for the 4 LED model.


wLS LED Light Source for Easy Fluorescence Imaging

The wLS broad-band LED illumination unit is designed to provide a long-life alternative to traditional Mercury and Metal Halide light sources. The broad-band excitation covers common fluorophores, ranging from DAPI to Cy5, allowing existing filter cubes and protocols to remain in place. Unlike other systems, the wLS provides rapid control over individual excitation LED wavebands (UV, Blue, and Green/Yellow/Red). This enables the use of multiband pass filters instead of individual filters, followed by slow mechanical filter changes during multi-label imaging. The 25,000 hour LED lifetime also reduces operating cost, consuming 80% less energy. A control handset is included for on/off and intensity adjustment, connection to a QImaging camera exposure signal, and includes a USB connection for software control. Also included is the microscope coupler for all major brands. Price $5950

The PhotoFluor LM-75 is the world’s first direct-mounted Metal-Halide light source for fluorescence microscopy. With no liquid light guide and a built-in DC-ballast, the LM-75 delivers the highest possible intensity at the sample and extremely stable output. Together with pre-aligned, user exchangeable lamp and ultra-quiet operation, the LM-75 is the perfect light source for a wide range of fluorescence imaging applications. Features include a 2000 hour bulb, wide spectral output from 340—800nm, no liquid light guide (which only lasts a few years), and a low cost of $3500 including bulb, power supply and microscope adapter. IN STOCK AVAILABLE FOR DEMONSTRATION.



CoolLED designs and manufactures cutting edge LED illumination systems for researchers and clinicians using the latest LED technology.

The company has specialised in fluorescence microscopy since it introduced the first commercially available LED illumination system in 2004. LEDs are now the system of choice because they are more stable, longer lasting, and energy efficient than traditional mercury based illuminators as well as offering superior safety and environmental features.

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