Warming and Heating/Cooling Stages for Upright, Inverted and Stereo Microscopes

TOKAI HIT ThermoPlate Warming Stages  (web site link)

The ThermoPlate utilizes a special transparent heating material coated onto a hard glass. The ThermoPlate can be used for observing or manipulating specimens under brightfield, phase contrast, DIC (differential interference contrast) and polarization. The flat plate ensures easy operation of the microscopes and relocation of the specimen.


A sensor built into the plate ensures excellent heat conductivity between the temperature sensor and the middle part of the plate section, thus minimizing overshoot at power up and temperature fluctuation of the plate surface due to disturbance.


The PID control adopted standard for the ThermoPlate provides ideal temperature control, and ensures quick startup and high stability against disturbance. The PID control also minimizes overshoot so that accurate and stable temperature control is maintained at all times.

For Upright Microscopes                             For Inverted Microscopes                                   For Stereo Microscopes

Prices from $1800                                                         Prices from $2400                                                              Prices from $2300

Instec Heating/Cooling Stages — Instec designs, manufactures and markets high precision temperature controllers, microscope heating and cooling stages, and microscope warming stages, which have been used in a variety of research areas like food science, pharmaceutics, polymers, materials sciences, liquid crystals, semiconductors, forensics, and cell biology. See more info here.

Instec stages cool as low as –190oC and as high as 700oC. Prices range from $4K to $22K.

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