Motic Instruments is proud to present a new upright microscope in 2015, the BA410 Elite, a refined and upgraded version of the well-established model BA410 for all bio-medical applications. The BA410E allows a profound diagnosis in pathology, hematology and cytology. A complete set of optional PLAN APOCHROMATIC lenses is now available for maximum demands in color reproduction. Increased Numerical Apertures provide an expanded resolution power for a more detailed specimen evaluation.

Lab safety and energy saving: the AUTO ON-OFF function improves suitability for daily use. The clever LIGHT MEMORY function, based on an encoded 6-place nosepiece, memorizes the light intensity of each objective position. When changing to a specific objective, the last illumination setup is reactivated. Once coordinated, there is no need to adjust the illumination when changing magnification. For increased illumination requirements in light consuming contrast methods or multi-viewing devices, a 100W Halogen version is available.


BA410E Binocular Microscope with 10X/22 eyepieces, reversed sextuple nosepiece, EC-H Plan 4X, 10X, 40X, 100X oil,

Achromat swing-out 0.90NA condenser, blue filter, 12V/50W built-in Koehler illumination light source with rheostat

Binocular version  from $3350                   Trinocular version (100:0, 80:20, 0:100) from $3500

100W Mercury Fluorescence Attachment light source, power supply   from $4700   Filter cubes - from $880

75W Metal Halide Fluorescence Illuminator Attachment  $5000     Filter cubes - from $880


Multi-view Microscopes

BA410E Dual Observation configuration, side by side optical bridge, trinocular head      from $6200

BA410E 3-headed Observation configuration, side by side optical bridge, trinocular head      from $6700

BA410E 5-headed Observation configuration, side by side optical bridge, trinocular head      from $8400


Tilting Binocular Head for all BA Series models    add $1100

Tilting Binocular Head with Telescoping for all BA Series models    add $1700


Available Options:

Plan Achromat Objectives 2X, 20X and 60X (dry and oil)

Plan Fluar Objectives 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 50X oil and 100X oil

Plan Apo Objectives 1.25X, 2X, 4X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X (dry and oil), 100X oil

Phase Contrast turret condenser with 10X, 20X, 40X and 100X objectives, Centering Telescope

Long Working Distance Achromat Condenser

12.5X and 15X Eyepieces

Polarizer and Rotatable Analyzer, Compensator with first order red lambda plate

1X, 0.65X, 0.50X Camera Couplers  

Various filters, 50W halogen illumination

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