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Motorized Stages: Prior makes a wide range of motorized and Linear Motor Technology stages for most brands of upright and inverted microscopes. They also have Physiology/Multi-Photon Platform Style Stages.






Robotic Handling: Prior Scientific offers both well plate and slide loading robotic sample handling systems. The PL100/200 Slide Loader holds 100 2X3 slides or 200 1X3 slides, offers 15-25 second load times, and is compatible with the Proscan motor stages. The PLW20 Well Plate Loader System has a 20 well plate capacity, fits all standard microtiter plates up to 19mm thick, and is compatible with most modern inverted microscopes.




The LF210 Laser Autofocus System from Prior Scientific combines the latest in intelligent microprocessor control and advanced optics to provide the fastest and most reliable laser autofocus available.

Its compact module incorporates precision optics that easily adjust to different microscopes and optical systems. It even contains the microstepping drive for the focus motor. The new optical design eliminates the need to manually adjust the focus trim and loop gain, which is done automatically in the processor. The intelligent digital control automatically senses when the sample has moved out of the field of view and stops the focus drive.




Focus Drives: Ideally suited to those applications involving extended focus or Z-stacking, the ES10ZE Focus Controller offers a low cost, compact, yet powerful system to automate a microscope focusing mechanism. The controller provides a clear display showing the current position at all times while separate controls are provided for rapid movement up or down along with the facility to change the speed of the focus movement. A manual focus knob is also provided for manual fine focusing and ease of operation.


The system can be used on many different microscopes including inverted and upright compound microscopes plus stereomicroscopes. For the most demanding applications the ES10ZE will also support encoders ensuring the very best in terms of precision and accuracy.


Nanopositioning: Specifically designed for researchers utilizing deconvolution and 3D imaging, the NanoScanZ 400 works with either multi well plates, 50mm/ 35mm petri dishes or standard microscope slides. With 2.5 nanometer repeatability and closed loop control incorporating a sub angstrom resolution piezo resistive sensor. The NanoScanZ 400 optimizes the speed of the latest digital cameras and accomplishes in milliseconds what used to take seconds for conventional rotary drives.


Motorized Filter Wheels: The filter wheel system can be provided as a standalone unit with either the OptiScan or ProScan controllers. A large selection of microscope adapters are available to mount the wheels to either excitation or emission ports. They are available as either a 6 position (25mm filters), 8 position (32mm filters) or 10 position (25mm filters) wheel. With the magnetic covers and easily visible numbering system the mounting of filters is quick and easy.


Shutters: The high speed shutter has a 40 Hz*. maximum frequency of operation. The shutter can be opened and closed completely in as little as 10 ms.

Prior Scientific designs and manufactures a wide range of scientific instrumentation, specializing in microscope automation and optical microscopy. This has been the core of the business since 1919. Their experience is unrivalled and the commitment to engineering excellence is reflected in the performance and quality of the broad product portfolio. Although they offer a range of standard products, Prior also offers OEM and customized solutions tailored to your individual requirements. Many of the world's leading scientific instrumentation companies already benefit from Prior's expertise.