Motic has launched (2019) its newest digital scanning solution for routine medical use. The FS-Live system is a real-time control and image streaming software suite that directly connects pathologists to a networked MoticEasyScan One scanner for remote diagnosis. It brings the lab and operating room to the pathologist, improving caseload efficiency through eliminating hours of travel and onsite time for experts and allowing high-volume hospitals to consult with specialists anywhere, at any time.


Developed in conjunction with leading pathologists and cancer researchers in the US, the system is optimized for remote use in Frozen Section diagnosis, FNA and cytology adequacy evaluation, ROSE, and live-sample tumor boards via features such as industry breakthrough continuous auto-focus that completely eliminates the need for focus adjustment, z-stack snapshot for cytology, and gamma compensation to correct over-staining.


The FS-Live system helps address a critical and growing gap in pathologist supply worldwide. Only 3% of histopathology departments in the United Kingdom report that they are adequately staffed to meet diagnostic needs. This shortage will increase in the future. With FS-Live Telepathology, pathologists save time by diagnosing and consulting on more cases, in more situations, without having to travel to remote locations. Hospitals save lives by consulting with experts immediately on rare cases and accessing specialists anywhere, anytime. Administrators save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by eliminating costs associated with bringing specialists onsite.

The FS-Live Telepathology Suite is now available for the Motic EasyScan Pro 6. With Pro 6 integration, lab technicians can now load up to 6 slides for remote viewing. On average, pathologists can save up to two days of travel per week, with hospitals seeing an ROI of approximately $2400 saved per pathologist each month on travel tie alone.


The clean, intuitive interface is optimized for remote operation, with industry breakthrough continuous autofocus. The FS-Live software update accompanying this release contains all new onscreen joystick navigation for smoother panning and horizontal slide orientation.