Surveyor Software with Turboscan,
for Real-Time Mosaic Imaging

Objective Imaging's Surveyor automated scanning and imaging with     Turboscan enables scanning and near perfect-image mosaic creation at camera frame rates.

Scan the entire slide in seconds, and then effortlessly relocate to areas of interest with a simple click. Quickly get the specimen overview to aid in understanding the relationships between microscopic features and overall structure. Save your work for later review, discussion, and publication.

Based on the OASIS-blue controller with the BLUE-EXPIO Encoder and Trigger interface module or OASIS-AF analog video processor option,   Surveyor with Turboscan provides everything a microscopist needs for  surveying, relocating, printing and saving at a new standard in high-performance automation.

The OASIS-blue controller sets the new standard is high-performance automation control. The ultra-compact design and availability of PCI or PCI-Express bus interfaces ensure maximum compatibility while delivering the highest performance.

· PCI/PCI-Express variants

· Ultra-compact design

· Microstepping for fast, precise operation

· Four and six axis configurations

· On-board control of shutters

· Ergonomic connection to external devices

· Expansion modules for encoder and trigger support

Glissando High-Performance Desktop Scanner

The Glissando Desktop™ Scanner from Objective Imaging™ delivers fast, high-quality whole slide image acquisition in an affordable package. The compact footprint and simple, intuitive user interface make the Glissando Desktop Scanner the ideal platform for quick scanning of standard microscope slides.

The Glissando Desktop Scanner integrates the latest automation technologies and high-quality components with our proven Turboscan™ scanning engine to provide an effective, reliable—and affordable—tool for the rapid acquisition of Whole Slide Images (WSI) from standard glass microscope slides.

The easy-to-use software’s intuitive design and automated tissue detection, focus setup, and barcode reading ensure excellent results, right out of the box.

Glissando Highlights:

· Excellent image quality

· Fast scanning times

· Compact system with integrated control computer

· Flexible scan output formats for maximum compatibility

· Available in 40X or 20X scanning objective configurations

· Z-Stack acquisition included as standard

· Scan standard and large format slides

· High quality mechanical and optical components