Optem Camera Couplers

Your High-Quality Connection for Research Microscopy

Optem Camera Couplers offer a wide range of microscope connectivity solutions to integrate most any camera with most any microscope.

Innovative designs and premium materials combine to ensure that image transmission of your specimen to your sensor is optimized for your specific application and desired result.


Select from a variety of Optem Camera Coupler Series to
best suit your research imaging needs.

Direct Couplers

Standard Couplers

Large Format

Integrate Multiple Cameras Simultaneously

When you require simultaneous camera integration, Optem Multi-
Port Camera Couplers present an economical alternative to expensive
microscope heads with multiple photo-ports (i.e., Quad Heads)

Optem Multi-Port Couplers eliminate the hassle of camera change-out and
increase your research productivity.

These provide two C mount outputs for using two cameras, either
simultaneously or one at a time. Certain models can accept one C
mount camera and a Photo Micrographic Camera system.