The Tokai Hit ThermoPlate System offers you these advantages:
Accurate and reliable thermal control of microscope stage
Enhanced viability of sensitive cell types like oocytes and stem cells
Thin, optical quality glass allows use with range of objectives and high-quality images
Sterilizable sensor allows sample temperature measurements
Compatible with EVOS FL and XL imaging systems

The ThermoPlate System consists of a control unit and a strengthened optical-quality heated glass plate that can be maintained at up to 50C, with a lower, reliable limit 5C above ambient. A continuous current control method ensures a highly stable temperature control, with an accuracy of +/- 0.1C. This prevents thermal drift that may reduce image quality over time-dependent observations at higher magnifications.


INSTEC HOT AND COLD PLATES - Standard sizes of Instec thermal plates range from 20mm to 300mm (custom sizes are available upon request). Temperature ranges for standard models are from -190C to 600C, with higher temperature limits available. Instec hot and cold plates provide ultra temperature uniformity and stability. Instec also offers gas tight covers for defrosting or gas purging.

Temperature Controllers and Accessories

Instec has been manufacturing high precision temperature controllers since 1984. Our mK2000 has the same high temperature precision as the mK1, which was first introduced by Instec in 1984. Yet, it has much more to offer such as a USB communication port, and up to 20 calibration points.  Instec offers liquid nitrogen cooling systems and circulation water pumps as standard cooling options. On a custom basis, Instec can also offer a circulation chiller based cooling option to temperatures as low as -10C.

Linkam designs and manufactures scientific instruments to characterize materials from polymers, metals, ceramics, liquid crystals and biological materials.

Applications include:

 Andrology, IVF



 Cryostages, incl. Correlative Microscopy

 Differential Scanning Calorimetry 

 Freeze Drying

 Food Science


 General heating and cooling applications

 IR microscopy

 Liquid Crystal

 Materials, Metallurgy

 MEMs, Semi Con, Wafer, Electrical Measurement



 High Pressure

 Raman Microscopy



 Thermal Analysis, DSC