The MoticEasyScan Pro 6 is the perfect gateway product for any lab, startup, or medical organization joining the digital revolution in pathology. Simple and easy to use, this scanner system offers 1-6 slide capacity. It scans and uploads high-quality digital slides to your slide management server, all at a single click. With its small footprint, high resolution power, and hassle-free setup, this multipurpose scanner is the ideal tool for any application that requires glass slide digitization.

The EasyScan Pro 6 is perfect for H&Es, cytology sections, bone marrows, frozen sections, fine needle aspirations, or any histological section on a 1X3 inch or 2X3 inch glass slide. The Pro 6 is capable of 10X, 20X and 40X scans. Whether you are in private practice, hospital setting, research area, or industry this is the only scanner you need!



MoticEasyScan Infinity

Suitable for any lab, hospital, or facility in need of reliable, high volume scanning, the robust Infinity model offers 60-slide and 102-slide capacity options. With the innovative Infinity Scanning design, slides can be added to the system on-the-fly, at any time, without interrupting the scanning process providing efficient, high-quality, and high-throughput scanning.


Key MoticEasyScan Features:

 Flexible cloud or local network deployable servers.

 Digital Slide management software for library management.

 Conference tools for group discussion and education.

MoticEasyScan One

Compact, powerful, and deployable anywhere, the MoticEasyScan One is the perfect assistant for any digital slide application and sets a new industry benchmark with its affordable price and high performance, seamlessly integrating into any workflow and bringing lab-quality scanning to any work environment.



Motic proudly presents the FS-Live Telepathology System

Our advanced microscope-based whole slide imaging system is built for real-time remote diagnosis and consultation on frozen cases and fine-needle aspiration. The FS-Live allows pathologists and other health specialists to view a case slide in seconds from anywhere in the world, eliminating costly travel time for hospitals and improving quality of care for patients.

Developed in conjunction with leading pathologists and cancer researchers in the US, the system is optimized for remote use in Frozen Section diagnosis, FNA and cytology adequacy evaluation, ROSE, and live-sample tumor boards via features such as industry breakthrough continuous auto-focus that completely eliminates the need for focus adjustment, z-stack snapshot for cytology, and gamma compensation to correct over-staining.