††††††††††††††††† †††† ††††††††††††††MOTORIZATION

Prior Scientific is the world leader in manufacturing microscope automated precision components and customized sub-assemblies. Prior offers a wide range of off-the shelf components such as XY and Z motorized platforms, Piezo assemblies, laser autofocus and control electronics. With a century of manufacturing and designing optical systems, Prior is your supplier of choice.

Motorized XY stages include versions for inverted, upright, multi-photon and stereo microscopes.

Priorís Focus Drives and Nano-positioning products offer excellent precision, speed and repeatability, for both upright and inverted microscopes.

Joysticks and Digipots to control 3 and 4 axis systems.

Filter wheels and Shutters are made in a range of types to fit onto most upright, inverted and stereo microscopes on either the excitation or emission ports.

Robotic Sample Loading System

Sensapex uM Micromanipulators and HZP Rigid Post mounts

Sutter Instrument

Sutter has developed a very strong reputation as a manufacturer of quality and innovative instrumentation at reasonable prices. Sutter's strong customer service orientation and technical expertise has led to the development of a very loyal customer base, exhibiting significant repeat purchasing patterns.

Products include:

Stages and Translators


Wavelength Switchers and Filterwheels

Movable Object Microscopes


Air Tables and Faraday Cages

Micropipette Fabrication

Electrophysiology Systems