In April 2018 Media Cybernetics replaced Image-Pro Premier ver 9 with Image-Pro 10. Now just called “Image-Pro”, this version is a Platform which very much resembles Premier 9 but is now a base upon which you can add various modules (see below) to meet your application needs. Take advantage of the Image-Pro SMART Technology to obtain results accurate and easily without complexity. Customize the system further by adding APPS to streamline your work or develop your own macro to standardize and automate your analysis. The Image-Pro platform includes Image Processing and Manipulation, Basic and Advanced Image Analysis, Information management, Customization, Advanced Image Processing, Multi-Dimensional Image support, Scripting and Macros, and Multi-User licenses.


Add the Image-Pro 3D Module to your platform and unleash a new level of Image Analysis for your research. Advanced 3D Visualization and Analysis options based on he same philosophy as the Image-Pro platform allow to you perform complex analysis methods without learning a new platform.

Guided Segmentation is designed to enable the identification and measurement of any 3D Object using a simplified guided process that excels over current 3D segmentation techniques. Adjust lighting, appearance, surfaces on volumes, objects, and channels to display the results. Add manual measurements and annotations to accompany visual enhancements and combine look and data into a single impactful presentation. Apply automated measurements to objects to easily release the full potential of your data. Develop your analysis model and combine data collector with batch processing to analyze large amounts of data in a few clicks.

The 2D Image Capture Module is Image-Pro’s principal image capture and video recording component, designed for streaming live previews, acquiring movies, and capturing still images from digital cameras and frame grabbers. Capturing images with the right depth of field, magnification, exposure, and with the right amount of contrast can be difficult, but this module delivers all of tools able to accomplish this and much more.

This robust companion module contains a variety of specialty capture options such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) capture, Live Tiling, Live Extended Depth of Field (EDF), Live Measurements, Live Image Comparison, and Live Calibrated Grids, so capturing the best image is possible and easier than ever.

Image-Pro Plus—Final Version 7 (now a Legacy version)

Used by thousands of researchers worldwide, Image-Pro Plus image analysis software makes it easy to acquire images, count, measure and classify objects, and automate your work. As the original 32-bit Image-Pro, this software solution offers microscope control, image capture, measurement, count/size, and macro development tools.


The Objective Imaging Hardware Automation Module for Image-Pro® was developed as a partnership between Objective     Imaging and Media Cybernetics to implement support of specific hardware devices within the Image-Pro platform.

Basic option provides fundamental device control capabilities, storing and relocation of positions, single field automatic      Z  -stack acquisition, and XY scan pattern definition and execution.

XY 2D Mosaic option adds high-performance whole specimen mosaic image acquisition that can be further expanded with options for Turboscan™ continuous scan acquisition and 3D Z-stack mosaic image creation.

Built into the Image-Pro Platform, the Hardware Automation Module provides users the ability to control motorized XY stages and Z focus motors to easily capture and analyze images in a single platform.