The Motic EasyScan One is the best “low cost” desktop slide scanner on the market today. Compact, powerful, and deployable anywhere, this scanner is the perfect assistant for any digital slide application. Share your slides with a single click, or switch to live mode for direct specimen observation. This scanning system sets a new industry benchmark with its affordable price and high performance, seamlessly integrating into any workflow and bringing lab quality scanning to any work environment.


Objectives                     Plan APOCHROMAT 20X/0.75

Optical System             CCIS®

Scanning time               Standard mode: 160s (40X - with 20X objective)

                                       Standard mode: 60s (20X - with 10X objective)

                                       (15x15m - full tissue)

Resolution                     40X: 0.26μm/pixel      20X: 0.52μm/pixel

Focusing Technique    Real-time autofocus

Scanning camera         5.0 MP (2/3" high speed Sensor)

Nosepiece                     3 hole

Light source                  10W LED (Lifetime: 25,000 Hours)

Slide capacity                1 Slide

Slide dimensions          76 x 26mm

Slide tolerances (mm)  Length: +0/-1, Width: +0/-1

Scanning mode            Normal (Real-time autofocus)

                                       High precision (High precision autofocus)

                                       EDF (Extended depth of field)

                                       Z-Stack (Three Dimensional stacking)

Barcode Support          1D: Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 128

                                       2D: Data Matrix, QR Code

Computer                      Included: All-in-One PC with 4K Res

                                       Intel Core i7-7700 / 16GB Memory

                                       128GB SSD & 1TB SATA Disk

                                       DVD Recorder / Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

                                       Windows 10 Professional 64-bit

Monitor                          Included: All-in-One 23.8'' LED Monitor

Interface                        USB 3.0

Included software         DSAssistant, EasyScanner software

Optional software         DSAConference, DSServer

Optional objective        S Apo Objectives 10X/0.30, 40X/0.75

Dimensions                   202 x 398 x 420mm

Net weight                     12.6 Kg.