Unitronís newly designed epi-fluorescence attachment with 4 position filter slider provides a lower signal-to-noise ratio and a higher transmission optical lens system to produce best-in-class, bright, clear fluorescence images. Macro imaging of fluorescence is a tremendous tool for biological research and is widely used in genetics, developmental biology and soil studies. Using the most advanced LED or Metal Halide illumination systems, UNITRONís fluorescence systems offer both tremendous value and performance.

This FL module can be used on the Z10, Z8 and Z6 stereo models.

Nightsea Stereomicroscope Fluorescence Adapter

The Nightsea SFA adapts virtually any stereomicroscope for fluorescence with no modification to the scope itself. The modular design lets you easily switch between several different excitation/emission combinations to work with a variety of fluorescent proteins and other fluorophores. There are now six different LED combinations available, plus white light. Bright, LOW cost fluorescence, for your stereomicroscope.

The light head, barrier filter and filter shield are interchangeable so that you can easily switch between excitation/emission light+filter combinations in seconds.

A complete system as shown with a Motic stereomicroscope as seen costs $2650.