Motic proudly introduces an optically improved addition to its well-established SMZ Stereo series. New materials for ESD compatibility as well as optimized LED illumination options have been added to this series to create a versatile Stereo zoom microscope platform for a wide range of biological and material science applications.

The SMZ171’s optical performance, combined with its expanded accessory line, make it an ideal instrument for the demanding requirements for both routine and research fields.

· Tilting mirror for transmitted light

· New lead free optical design, Greenough optic system, 1:6.7 zoom range

· Compact and rugged, Light weight, Anti fungus

· LED stand, 3W LED Transmitted Illumination, 3W LED Incident Illumination

· Long lasting bulb, lamp life up to 25,000 hrs.

· Outstanding price-performance ratio

The new Z12 zoom stereo microscope from UNITRON features a Common Main Objective design, a 12:1 zoom ratio and a massive 8X to 400X magnification range.

The Z12 includes many features typically found in higher priced microscopes. Three new stands suit the most demanding applications: plain focusing stand, transmitted light base with sliding/tilting mirror, and a slim profile LED transmitted light base. The color-balanced LED light sources give bright illumination to the specimen, and are highly cost effective (low energy consumption and long lifespans). A 5°-45° tilting trinocular observation head offers ergonomic viewing comfort that is customizable to the observer. Its apochromatic objectives deliver crisp color reproduction and high resolution of fine structures, and the trinocular port is ready to accept a digital microscopy camera for imaging. Click-stop zoom positions allow the observer to quickly return to a specific magnification setting, thus saving time and increasing reproducibility.


The UNITRON Z10 Series is a modular system designed to deliver exceptional ergonomic and optical performance. The Z10 Series is an ideal choice for medical device manufacturer’s, industrial inspection and assembly, quality control, OEM integration and research applications.

Unitron’s Z10 Series offers a high depth of focus and resolution up to 289 lpm. Systems can be configured with a 10:1 (Z10), 8:1 (Z8) or a 6.3:1 (Z6) zoom ratio providing flexibility and value.


Employing the Greenough stereoscopic optical system, the Motic SMZ-161 series stereomicroscopes provide you large-scale zoom ratio and the clearest image, high distortion-free and depth of field as well. SMZ-161 offers the best performance of a zoom ratio with 1:6, high resolution and long working distance.

SMZ-161 displays sharp, three-dimensioned images and wide field of view. Designed with eye point of 367mm and a comfortable viewing angle of 45°, which meets the ergonomic requirements, the SMZ-161 enables you to work with prolonged hours of viewing without discomfort felt by neck and shoulder. It mainly used for industries applications, allow you to observe assembly and inspect small parts or integrated circuits on PCB, LCD production line, as well as detection of precision parts for mechanical machining. The SMZ-161 is most suitable for combining with other equipment at the same time.

Make use of the convenience and versatility of seeing a large image at 10X magnification, then zooming continuously to close-up details at 40X… or any point in between. The SMZ-140 Series offer a high optical performance combined with a complete range of stands and illumination systems.

· 45º inclined binocular head, rotates 360º, with diopter adjustment

· Widefield eyepieces WF10X/20mm

· Zoom ratio 4:1; total standard magnification 10X – 40X

· Click stops at 10X, 20X, 30X and 40X

· Working distance 80mm

· Heavy-duty rack & pinion focusing block with slip clutch