PantheraTEC MAT is a new generation of advanced EpiScopic metallurgical microscopes for inspection and analysis. It is composed of 4 models,  you can choose between contrast methods like DIC, Darkfield, or the new Segmentable Darkfield, as well as Halogen or LED light sources. It is good to remark the superb imaging performance provided by Motic LM Plan BD objectives.

Moticís PantheraTEC POL is a new generation of EpiScopic Polarization Microscopes combined with a Bertrand lens system. The 2 models feature Strain-free Optics and Top grade Filters.
The Bertrand lens system is both focusable and centerable. The pre-centered rotating stage with 160mm diameter has got a hard coated and chemical resistant surface; where a high precision ball-bearing mechanism ensures smooth rotation.

Moticís BA310MET Metallurgical Microscope is the ideal instrument for inspection and analysis of electronic components, materials, minerals and precision molds. The coaxial EPI illuminator and CCIS M-Plan metallurgical objectives provide optimal brightness and image quality. 12V/50W halogen provides sufficient light intensity for all microscopy applications.


Moticís AE2000MET BD series inverted industrial microscope is dedicated to providing a solution for every observation and inspections. Also on such items as irregular, large size, rigid samples. This includes metal parts, materials, mineral, die casting and precision molds etc., which is not convenient to be observed or inspected under upright Microscope for failure analysis, material research or quality control purpose. And it is also cost saving due to the requirement-less to sample making. Fit field includes automotive, aerospace, machinery, tooling fabrication and iron & steel industry etc. industrial realm.

The overall optical performance of the AE2000MET series is superb and unique for reproducing a real micro-world of material structure for you, via equipping with a new generation of BF and DF Long working distance Metallurgical plan objective be made of high-quality glass and upgrade anti-reflex coating tech, combining a variety of observation methods of Brightfield, Darkfield, simple Polarizing etc., AE2000MET is suitable for whatever failure analysis or material research or quality control in all industry.

Unitronís Versamet 4 is a new inverted metallurgical microscope designed to support a variety of observation methods including brightfield, brightfield/darkfield, polarized light and DIC.  This versatile and configurable microscope is widely applied in metallurgy, smelt, heat treatment, raw material inspection, material processing, food safety evaluation, medical/clinical testing and geological testing applications.

The advanced LWD M Infinity Plan Achromatic optics provide outstanding image resolution and clarity, while the ergonomic viewing head and low-position focus knobs and stage controls offer stable and comfortable operation.  The smart ECO system saves energy by automatically turning the illuminator off when the microscope is not in use. Digital capabilities make the Versamet 4 Series an outstanding choice for todayís modern metallurgist.

Unitronís EXAMET-5 is a new industrial metallurgical microscope designed for brightfield, material science applications, metal manufacturing, metallurgy, fabrics/textiles, wafers, optoelectronics, composites and microelectronics.

The advanced Semi-Apo LWD M Infinity Plan Optics, ergonomic design, and digital capabilities make the EXAMET-5 Series an outstanding and cost effective choice for todayís modern metallurgist. The EXAMET-5 Series is available with either reflected illumination or with reflected and transmitted illumination.