Moticís premier BA410 Elite is the flagship model of its BA upright compound series, and exhibits Moticís advancing optical development approach in creating this high-end microscope. Designed for multiple disciplines, the BA410 Elite offers true professional quality with a full complement of accessories, making it a valued addition for any biological application.

Moticís Panthera L is literally a Smart Microscope. It stands out for its unseen combination of built-in Digital capabilities. Its Smart CAM digital head and the ImagingOnDevice System simplifies your daily work, allowing you to work directly from your microscope to an HDMI screen with the help of a mouse, or work with your tablet and the Panthera App. The LAN port offers you the option of running a DigiClass, or remote image sharing. Panthera L can perform the following contrast techniques: Phase Contrast, Modulation Contrast, Polarization and EpiLED Fluorescence.

Moticís Panthera E is a higher education model. It has a rackless stage and a 360o rotatable head specially for space saving storage. It has Plan SC optics and an extremely efficient low power illumination, allowing it to run on a Mobile Battery Pack for several hours. The Panthera E is able to perform Brightfield, Phase Contrast and Darkfield techniques.

Moticís Panthera U is a University model, with Motic LightTracer digital illumination control and Premium Plan UC optics for University teaching. It has a 3W LED illumination easily interchangeable with different color temperature LEDs, and a newly designed 2-slide compact rackless stage.

Moticís Panthera C model is very similar to the U, adding full Kohler Illumination with manual light management. It also has an integrated USB Camera Power Port and a LED light intensity indicator in the nosepiece.

ACCU-SCOPE's EXC-500 series offers best-in-class performance and value for clinical laboratory and research applications. The newly designed NIS optical system provides sharp, crisp images via Plan Achromat or S-Plan Apo objectives. The EXC-500 seriesí modular design is compatible with many accessories for research, fluorescence, phase contrast, and darkfield applications.

The brand new EXC-400 replaces the 3025 model, and is specifically designed for clinical and research applications.† The standard configuration provides exceptional value and performance, and its modular design allows for customization to fit most any application. Standard features include quintuple nosepiece, LED illumination, ceramic hard-coated stage, infinity-corrected optics, and trinocular head with 22mm FOV eyepieces. Options include phase contrast, polarized light, Gout analysis, Fluorescence and Dual-viewing teacher configurations.

Moticís BA310 is designed for the rigors of daily routine work in the demanding applications of Universities, Clinics, Laboratories and many other life science or medical applications requiring quality optical performance. This modelīs full Koehler configuration provides maximum illumination quality for even the most demanding samples. Additional contrast methods like Phase contrast, Polarization and Dark field and discussion/teaching devices ensure that this model will offer long term functionality to all user levels.

Building on the popular BA210 series, the Motic BA210 Elite upright microscope was built to meet the increasing demands of Moticís customers and their applications. The improved EC Plan Achromatic objective lenses provide increased optical resolution making the BA210 Elite a great choice for most routine lab applications.

The BA210 Elite microscope introduces superior improvements both in optical and mechanical performance. Adopting the optics of the flagship BA410 Elite microscope, the BA210 Elite provides superior optical clarity while providing ergonomic controls for comfortable viewing and operation over extended periods. The ELITE modelís addition of a new rackless stage concept without prominent gear rack allows even a more convenient use of the x/y movement. For full freedom of illumination options, the new model has a complete and easy interchangeability of its 6V/30W Halogen bulb with LED modules.