Text Box: Nikon Diaphot-300 Inverted Research microscope with DIC and Fluorescence. Includes:

 Diaphot-300 stand with 12V/100W halogen transmitted light source and power supply

 100W Mercury Fluorescence Illuminator with power supply

 Universal Condenser with 2 DIC prisms (<0.5 and 0.5-1.0), Ph1 and Ph3 annuli, and BF 

 Rotatable Polarizer and analyzer slider

 5-place DIC nosepiece with prisms for 10X and 60X objectives

 CF N Plan 10X/0.30 Ph1 Phase Contrast objective

 Side port imaging tube (can add optional camera if necessary)

 Binocular head with 10X eyepieces and turret including Bertrand lens, magnifier

 3-position fluorescence cube holder

 11 FL cubes including HQ FITC, 480ex/630em, FITC/Texas Red, HQ TRITC, B-1A, B-1E, DAPI/FITC/Texas Red, DAPI/Texas Red, XF52, 41002 HQ TRITC/DiI/Cy3, and a 50/50 beamsplitter

 Mechanical Stage with Insert for 1X3 slides and 54mm petri dish

We have sold and supported Nikon microscopes since 1983 and have cleaned and relubricated the moving parts. This microscope works well, and we can add other objectives if necessary. 


Olympus BX40 Microscope with

 Tilting binocular head with 10X eyepieces

 Plan 2X, 4X, 10X and 20X objectives

 Flipout condenser


Cleaned and refurbished, all the moving components are smooth, the optics are clear and images sharp. We have other accessories for this microscope, check for availability. We can also attach a digital camera if interested.