Swift M3300-D Binocular (10X/18 eyepieces) Microscope with 4 Objectives (4x 10x 40x 100x), mechanical stage, Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, 20W halogen illuminator with built-in transformer and rheostat. Cleaned and aligned, very good condition. 

We have 5 of these microscopes and are selling them for $145 each.

Olympus SZH Trinocular Stereo Microscope with

 SZH body and focus mount, 7.5X to 64X zoom range, iris diaphragm

 Trinocular camera module with two ports

 Binocular head with 2 GWH10X-CD eyepieces (individually focusable)

 DF 1X Plan objective

 SZH-ILLB base with 6V/20W halogen transmitted light source, mirror and filter holders

 Volpi Intralux fiberoptic illuminator with ringlight for reflected light

Cleaned and refurbished, all the moving components are smooth, the optics are clear and images sharp. We have other accessories for this microscope, check for availability. We can also attach a digital camera if interested.