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Powerful, stable and convenient measurement and analysis software suitable for all user environments


Panasis is a digital imaging software for microscopy. Users can capture still microscopic images, process captured images to get higher detail, and add additional annotation objects with this software. A user-friendly interface and customizable workspace provide the main backdrop for a highly productive acquisition and analysis tool for your  microscopy lab or quality control department. Panasis integrates all Huvitz HSZ and HRM microscopes and displays the image observed in any computer or digital imaging system. Their C-Mount cameras can be mounted & used on any common C-Mount coupler installed on microscopes from Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Zeiss, and more. The software can be utilized on laptops as well as desktops,  and is designed for use on both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.


Main Features

1. Live Measurement

You can measure your sample under the microscope without first having to capture an image of it. If you want to capture an image of your sample with the measurements on it for later review, you can do so. Various measurement units are available (microns, millimeters, inches, and more).


2. Live Extended Depth of Focus (EDF)

This feature allows the user to create an all-in-one focused image of their sample - an awesome solution for tricky samples that have varying Z-axis heights which are too far apart to be in focus together. By being able to be performed on a live image, Live EDF removes the post-processing step of manually stacking multiple images.




3. Live Image Stitching/Tiling

A must-have for any microscope software! Instead of tedious manual multi-point image stitching done post-process, any software user can "build" a large field of view image simply by starting this module and moving the microscope stage. Make your high magnification images truly impressive by capturing more than what you see through a single field of view.








4. 3D Imaging & Measurement (Available for use with the Huvitz HRM-300 Upright Microscope)

Arguably one of the best features of Panasis software, the 3D Imaging & Measurement module allows users to capture multiple Z-axis images in slices less than 1 micron thick, and then generate a detailed 3D model of their sample for measurement & visualization. The Panasis 3D controller allows for fully automated & motorized performance in addition to the manual coarse & fine focus knobs on the HRM-300 microscope body.


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Live Tiling