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What's New in Image-Pro Insight 9
Image-Pro Insight 9 is loaded with new features and capabilities to provide you with an unmatched image capture and analysis experience.

Redesigned, Simplified Capture Control Panel

With the new Capture dialogue it is easier and faster than ever to acquire high quality images.













New Image Quality Improvement and Analysis Tools

New - High Dynamic Range (HDR)
More accurately capture the lighting variations within a scene.











New Semi-automated Measurement and Editing Tools

New - Magic Wand Tool
With one click, outline objects or areas of interest and apply any of the many measurements available in Insight.


The newly streamlined workflow includes one-click Capture and White Balance ROIs, Preview and Capture settings' lock.  The capture tasks are also made easier with quick access to the searchable lens library.


Unquestionably, a leading capture acquisition option, Insight supports a growing list of cameras.

 The HDR feature allows you to create a single image out of a sequence of images that capture different exposures of the same scene.


The resulting image, based on your settings, presents the new image using the widest pixel intensity range to more faithfully represent the brightness levels found in real life.

A true semi-automated tool, the Magic Wand allows you to quickly select and segment object areas and seamlessly turn it into a measurement.  The selected region can be refined through addition or subtraction of results from subsequent clicks in the same region.

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A multifaceted image acquisition, processing and analysis solution

Functionally rich and attractively priced, Insight delivers unmatched value to users across several fields. 

This latest version of Insight includes Media Cybernetics' most advanced image acquisition module, which controls a wide variety of brand name cameras. From the hurdle-free, wizard-driven camera setup to the advanced 
EDFHDR and tiling tools, Insight makes it easy for customers to capture the highest quality images. 

This software has been designed for a diverse user base and a multitude of applications. Whether in the materials science research lab, the quality assurance room, or the manufacturing floor, Insight’s semi-automated measurement and editing tools enable accurate and expedient analysis.

Insight is particularly favored by multiple-user sites because of its 
flexible licensing options, ease of deployment, and short learning curve.

Why choose Image-Pro Insight 9?


· Solid underlying architecture ensures stability under intensive computation requirements

· Available as 64-bit application for maximum processing power (32-bit option also available)

· Automatic auto-saving to recover work in case of inadvertent events


Easy to learn and use

· Intuitive interface, with logical and optimized workflows

· Wizard-driven setups, comprehensive in-product help, and easy to follow user guide

· Extensive video tutorial library



· Supports an extensive and growing list of commercial cameras

· Customizable user interface layouts to match task and application-specific match workflows

· Supports an extensive list of image files



· Loaded semi-automated tools (e.g. Magic Wand) for fast, accurate and reproducible results

· Diverse automated and semi-automated image and measurement editing tools 

· One-click results reporting with preloaded task- and application-specific reports



· Responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly technical support

· Affordable and comprehensive maintenance plans