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Modern, Sophisticated and Versatile Solutions for Digital Microscopy

We live in a digital world. People everywhere are wanting higher resolution, faster response time, larger display size, and a smaller footprint for their electronic equipment. For decades we've known microscopes to be these large, bulky, seemingly archaic instruments that have only within the last 15 years begun to take slow steps into allowing their users to capture images & perform measurements with digital cameras. Today's generation of scientists and engineers are wanting something more.

Featuring high definition images, super-fast response times, motorization and intuitive GUI's, Huvitz has delivered 2 hot-off-the-press low magnification and high magnification systems - the HDS-2520Z and the HDS-5800RZ - that are promising to be the next best thing for the world of high tech research & quality control equipment.


Huvitz HDS-2520Z Digital Microscope


1. A World-Class Zoom Body with Unparalleled Color Reproduction


Huvitz is known for its optical quality in the field of optometry. The process of superior optical design and lens coating technology has been demonstrated on the delicate and crucial structures of the eye. With the HDS system, those same technological capabilities have been extended with a semi-apochromat lens system that provides improved resolution and superior color reproduction.


2. Easy-to-Use Rotating and Tilting Stand

The standard HDS stand provides flexibility for imaging from a wide range of angles to acquire images of the most difficult specimens. The stand can be tilted through 150°, and objects can be easily rotated. It is understood that not all specimens will fit on the stage; for this reason, the system has anti-vibration/image stabilization features.


3. Dedicated 21.5” Full HD Monitor

The Huvitz HDS systems incorporate a 21.5” Full HD LCD display monitor. This monitor provides 1920 X 1080 display and high contrast for brilliant images. A built-in 1TB Hard Drive provides generous storage for a high quantity of images. USB slots are located at the front of the monitor, conveniently allowing USB portable thumb drives to be inserted, and rear Ethernet ports give users the option for network connections. In addition, the pre-installed software's GUI features intuitive controls spread out over an easily navigable workspace.



4. A Variety of Filters, Adapters and Accessories

Optional color balance, diffuser and polarizing filters are available to assist in providing the best images possible. Magnification and working distance adapters can customize the field of view and maximize the depth of focus - the maximum working distance of 36MM can be achieved by utilizing the HDS-2520N Non-Contact Adapter.