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The Huvitz HRM-300 Series Upright Microscope - A modular design that is easily adaptable to a plethora of applications, and all at an attractive price point.

This microscope series offers a modular compound microscope stand option for reflected (episcopic) and transmitted (diascopic) light applications with motorized capabilities for 3D Profiling with Huvitz Panasis Software.

1. Z-Axis Module

The Z-axis Focus-Module features Topographic Analysis and 3D Profiling through Huvitz's Panasis Software, which generates a composition of all the 2D images into 3D Profiles.

(Z-Axis Stepping Motor Resolution : Max 0.01um / Stroke : Max 30mm) A Z-Axis control pad provides 8 speed settings and displays a height reading.


2. Trinocular Head

The 20º head provides a comfortable viewing position for extended periods of use. In order to reduce eyestrain, the HRM-300 eyepieces have an extra-wide Field Number of 25MM. In addition, the inner prisms are designed to maximize image quality. The head's trinocular design allows for a digital camera to be attached to the top via a C-Mount coupler.


3. Excellent Optics

With superior color reproduction and chromatic aberration correction, Huvitz objective lenses provide high resolution images for
Brightfield, Darkfield and DIC microscopy. The Plan Semi-Apochromatic objectives deftly handle spherical aberrations and minimize flaring. This microscope's optic system also is designed to accommodate up to a 6" stand for transmitted & reflected light.


4. ECO Lighting Setting

This unique feature allows the microscope to enter into a power-saving mode when not in use, which not only conserves electricity, but also protects the sample from the heat of the illuminator and helps to extend the life of the bulb.


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