INTRODUCING the Moticam Pro CCD Powered Digital Cameras with optional Cooling

Powerful imaging  -  Affordable Solution

For many years, our Moticam’s unique “From Box to Pics” approach has given a wide range of markets unprecedented access to affordable Digital Microscopy. Thousands of Moticams are now in successful use in the field. Our new Moticam Pro series takes this approach to the CCD level by offering as much as possible in a single box making this series our most powerful and flexible series yet.

Supplied with Motic Images Advanced 3.2 software, you can also download a SDK (Software Developers Kit) to design your own interface, or use the TWAIN driver with your own imaging software, including Image Pro Plus.


The Moticam Pro series is composed of various high quality CCD-based cameras offering higher resolution for quick Documentation or larger pixels for improved Signal-Noise ratio and true-to-life imaging.


A single USB cord is all that is needed to provide both power to the camera as well as provide a signal link to the computer. With USB being the most common interfaces available in almost all computers, you will not be looking for an extension or converter card. The Moticam Pro series is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 and also with Mac OSX and can be used with any of Motic’s professional software available such as Motic Trace (Forensic), Motic Net (Networked Classroom Management), Multi Focus or Image Assembly.

These cameras are designed and manufactured completely in-house in Motic’s labs in Canada and China, and feature a 4 frame buffer as well as on-board image processing with built-in Schott BG 40 bandpass filter further ensuring high-quality imaging. The Moticam Pro also features an external hardware trigger port (TTL) which can be used to trigger the camera or have the camera trigger an external device.


Available in color or monochrome versions, non-cooled or cooled models for lower-light applications.

Moticam Pro Models

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