TLB1000 Benefits

· Large, stable work area

· Low profile and built in wrist rests

· Ideal stand for large stereo microscopes with camera systems

This stand is basically a more stable version of the standard stand that is offered with most stereo microscopes. When a camera system is added to most stereo microscopes, the combination becomes top heavy. Starting with the TLB1000 lessens the fear that an accidental bump could knock over the camera-microscope combination.    FROM $500

TLB3000 Benefits

· 150 Watt, cool fiberoptic can provide epi-illumination or trans-illumination

· Large, stable work area

· Low profile and built in wrist rests

· Large range of mirror adjustment

The TLB3000's large work area and sliding, tiltable mirror make it an economical and versatile choice for general brightfield use or for any study of relatively transparent specimens such as entomology or in-vitro fertilization. Illumination for the TLB3000 is provided by a 150 watt halogen illuminator and fiberoptic bundle. At the end of the bundle is a condensing lens for adjusting the intensity and field illumination.  FROM $1200

TLB4000 Benefits

· Built in 20 Watt halogen illuminator and power supply saves space

· Large, stable work area

· New condensing system with reflector increases brightness by 400%

· Large range of mirror adjustment

· Built in heat filter provides cool light

The TLB4000's large work area combined with its built-in 20 Watt illumination make it an economical and versatile choice for the crowded lab environment. The 6 volt, 20 watt power supply is continuously variable from 3 to 6 volts. It powers a high efficiency Osram Xenophot halogen lamp with a light output of 480 lumens (39 candle power). This lamp is easily accessible in its removable lamp housing. The new high efficiency optical design has increased light intensities nearly 400%.    FROM $1900

Microscope Boom Stands

SMS16 Benefits

· Made to resist corrosion

· Nylon bearing surfaces avoid wear and slide easily

· Adjustable lever handles and "Soft-Grip" knobs

Low cost combined with high quality make the SMS16 Boom Stand an unmatched value in it class. It's height and long reach create ample room to work on and inspect large parts under the microscope.   FROM $525

SMS6 Benefits

· Linear ball bearing support of dual shaft horizontal arm creates smooth, gliding movement

· Adjustable lever handles and "Soft-Grip" knobs for your convenience

· Moderate price for many of the same features found on the most expensive stands available

The SMS6B stand was designed for people who are using the smaller stereo microscopes for inspection work and want a boom stand that gives smoother horizontal arm movement than our SMS15/16 stands and is less expensive than our heavy-duty SMS20 boom stand.  FROM $675

SMS20 Benefits

· Ball bearing movement of horizontal arm

· Supports large research grade stereo microscopes with full camera systems

· Offers great resistance to tip-over and vibration

The SMS20 uses linear ball bearings to support the horizontal arm, allowing it to glide over the work surface with none of the binding inherent in other boom stands. It is now possible to scan a large flat area, such as a printed circuit board, by simply guiding the microscope with your hands.   FROM $2050

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